A guest blog for Mother’s Day… 100 Little Words on Parenthood

Although things have been a little quiet for me and my blog over the last few months (I have had my lovely sister and parents here, so I have a good excuse!), I have still managed to do a little bit of writing. Through the world of twitter, I met Charlie Plunkett, a wonderful author whose most recent project, 100 Little Words on Parenthood, captured my imagination. I liked the idea of being able to distil the magical, complicated, adventurous world of parenting, in all of its guises, into just 100 words and I submitted two pieces for the book, one of which is below and one other you will have to read in the book! I also managed to persuade my Dad into submitting 100 words from his perspective as a grandparent, which he happily did.

In the wake of Charlie’s hard work and success in having 100 Little Words on Parenthood published, I have invited her to feature on my blog today, not least to talk a little bit about her experience of motherhood, it being Mother’s Day in the UK today. I am very fortunate to have my mum with me here in Australia at the moment, so I have been able to celebrate with her (whilst preserving my own special day when Mother’s Day hits Australia later this year!). Over to you Charlie…


Thank you so much for inviting me to guest blog at your fabulous site I am very close to the end of a Mega Book Blog Tour to promote my latest book 100 Little Words on Parenthood and have spent the last two weeks visiting different sites all over the world each day, it’s been like a virtual holiday! I wanted to post a piece celebrating motherhood as today is Mother’s Day in the UK, although I just checked the dates and discovered in Australia it isn’t until 12th May so I’m early for a change!

Motherhood has been beyond a doubt the most amazing experience in my life and one that continues to fill me with awe, wonder and at times total bafflement. I write about the milestone moments in my life and have published three books charting my wedding The True Diary of a Bride-to-be My pregnancy The True Diary of a Mum-to-be a pregnancy companion and my little boys first year The True Dairy of Baby’s First Year a mothering companion.

My latest book 100 Little Words on Parenthood has around 100 fabulous contributors all parents and grandparents who have shared in exactly 100 words their experiences of parenthood. They have written anecdotes, poems, words of wit and wisdom on topics including – birth, babies, twins, nappies, sleep, breastfeeding, motherhood, fatherhood, teething, weaning, speech, parenthood, toddlers, toilet training, nursery, behaviour, family, birthdays, Christmas, learning, school, university, teenagers and grandparents.

The finished book is a beautiful collection that will appeal to new parents, experienced parents, grandparents and those considering becoming parents. Each 100 words are interspersed with a famous quote and I wanted to share with you a few.

Here are my 100 words on –

Being a Mum

I feel like singing from the rafters ‘I’m a mum and I love it!’ Even on days when sleep eludes me and the washing-up is stacked high in the sink Cole always does something to make me feel blessed to be a mum. If I had known how wonderfully rewarding and awesome being a parent is maybe I wouldn’t have left it to the grand age of 38. But on the flip side I’ve had a career, travelled and been fancy free. Now I’m at a stage in my life where I can truly appreciate the gift that is motherhood.

‘A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.’ Anonymous

Here are my lovely host’s words on –



It must be teething.

It must.

It definitely is.

But she’s only 6 weeks old.

But we’ve done everything else, everything.

Maybe she’s hungry.

But you’ve just fed her.

Then it’s probably wind.

(pat, pat, pat, pat)


Have you checked her nappy?

(lifts her in the air and sniffs)


What’s she doing now?

I’m not sure.

Look, her fist’s in her mouth again.

Is she dribbling?

Her cheeks look a bit red.

Get the book.

There: look, teething, symptoms…

You’re right. I bet we’ll see that first tooth tomorrow.

I bet.

Or maybe she’s just hungry?


‘How beautifully everything is arranged by Nature; as soon as a child enters the world, it finds a mother ready to take care of it.’ Jules Michelet

And finally her father’s wonderful words on being a grandparent –

Visitors from the Other Side of the World

It had been nine long months and they had grown. They were excited and so were we. We love them both and they love us, no questions, unconditional, wonderful.

We live by a river, my river where I grew up. The train runs alongside; a steaming, fire eating train with a smell that defines the word “nostalgia”. I happily re-live my boyhood vicariously through them.

“Will you hold my hand please Grandad?”

“Of course Tommy.”

The carriages have names.

“Let’s sit in your carriage Sophie.”

They slept contentedly on the return. I cuddled Tommy and Grandma cuddled Sophie. Bliss!

‘To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word “boo.” Robert Brault

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Books are all available from Amazon and all good bookstores and if you are in Australia you still have plenty of time to order for Mother’s Day!